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Stacey Stephens

Stacey Stephens - Our Staff - ReviewWorks - Stacey_photo_25Marketing Coordinator


Phone: 248.918.7148

"Listening, knowledge and creativity cultivates rewarding outcomes in all partnerships."

Stacey brings years of customer service experience including a number of years in the auto no-fault and workers' compensation arena.  Her compassion and drive to help customers have produced strong truthful relationships.  Stacey's desire to always learn and listen to others has gained partnerships that have established productive outcomes.  Being a strong resource and exceeding customers' expectations is her goal as a Marketing Coordinator at ReviewWorks.


Robert Bartlett - Vice President

"Exceeding customer expectations is more than a process. It's a culture where employees have the knowledge & skills to do what's right."

Connor Bartlett

"My metric for success can be summed up in one phrase: earn customers for life."

Becky Quigley - RN, BSN

“There is no greater joy, no greater reward than to make a difference in the lives of others”

Trisha Nesbitt, MSN, RN

"Treating each individual with a holistic approach to care is essential for successful recovery."