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Medical Care Coordination

ReviewWorks Medical Care Coordination and Disability Management Programs were founded to cost effectively coordinate injured claimant’s medical care as well as negotiate timely and successful return to gainful employment.

Catastrophic Response Program (CRP)

Serious or catastrophic injuries require immediate response from your Nurse Case Manager to assist the family with overwhelming decisions regarding benefits, worker's compensation and insurance. The CRP Nurse also assesses the claimant's medical condition coordinate the necessary arrangements needed for treatment, discharge planning, home care, durable medical equipment (DME) etc.

Medical Care Management

ReviewWorks Medical Case Managers work directly with the entire disability management team to coordinate appropriate and timely medical care. Our Medical Consultants work with employers to evaluate all avenues to successful reintegration back to work in the shortest possible time.

Telephonic Case Management (TCM)

ReviewWorks Telephonic Case Management (TCM) Program is provided by experienced Rehabilitation Nurses available telephonically for claimants that need medical follow-up but do not need face to face contact. Our TCM nurses communicate with the claimant, adjuster, employer and the treating physician's office to effect maximum medical improvement and expedite early return to work.

Medical Costs Projections

ReviewWorks Medical experts project the future medical needs of an injured person based on the person's diagnosis, medical records, payment history, additional medical research and our vast professional experience in the field. This service is vital in catastrophic and complex cases, where medical reserving or structured settlements are part of the process.

Expert Witness

Many years of Disability Management, Rehabilitation, Case Management, and nursing experience have made ReviewWorks Staff extremely qualified to meet your legal needs.