Dianne Mateja, RN, BS - Executive Director

Dianne Mateja, RN, BS - Executive Director - Our Staff - ReviewWorks - DianneExecutive Director, Medical Bill Review

Email:  Dianne_Mateja@ReviewWorks.com

"There is always a choice about the way you do your work.  Choosing to do your best is the most rewarding."

Dianne holds a BS in Health Care Administration and has extensive experience in Medical Cost Containment, Program Development, HealthCare systems integrations, Health Care Strategy Development and Risk Management for both payors and providers, in all industry segments, private sector, and public sector both union and non-union.

Dianne has developed Medical Cost Containment and Managed Care systems on both a regional and national scale always with strategic goals of reducing health care costs, providing fair and equitable provider reimbursement accurately and efficiently for all parties.






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